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Essential Skills for Workplace Trainers Workshop

Workplace Trainer Bundle $199.00

Workplace Trainer Bundle includes all ten individual Workplace Trainer courses.

Workplace Trainer $29.00

The learner will:

  • Explore the Workplace Education Manitoba nine (9) Essential Skills model
  • Identify the Essential Skills of a workplace trainer
  • Identify the different components to creating a training program
  • Explore the opportunities of workplace training

Workplace Trainer The Importance of Training $29.00

The Learner will:

  • Describe why training is important and distinguish between training, education and development
  • Define the ASK concept, and comment upon the relative difficulty in developing people’s attitudes, skills and knowledge
  • List the nine steps in the training process
  • Develop an appropriate training lesson plan

Workplace Trainer Explore Learning Styles $29.00

The Learner will learn:

  • Reflect on their own learning styles
  • Discuss adult learning and how it differs from how children learn
  • Explore the ladder of competence
  • Discuss various adult learning tools and their advantages and disadvantages

Workplace Trainer Explore Learning Organization $29.00

This session explored Peter Senge’s five (5) disciplines. It helps participants connect continuous learning skills and practices to organizational learning and development which is a critical human resource (FR) function.

This session also looks deeper into Senge’s learning organization. It introduces the concept of Self-Directed learning and the importance of being a learning organization.

Workplace Trainer Training and Needs Assessment $29.00

This session focuses on conducting a methodical needs analysis, it helps participants plan and implement a needs assessment, analyze the information and then develop learning objectives.

Key essential skills built through this session include Continuous learning, Working with others, Oral Communication, Written Communication and thinking skills.

Workplace Trainer Facilitating Learning $29.00

This session talks about facilitating learning sessions in the workplace.

It talks about the nine (9) elements of effective instruction and provides participants with tips and tools to implement active learning in the workplace.

Workplace Trainer Coaching at the Workplace $29.00

This session focuses on the key skills required for Workplace coaching and improved performance.

It discusses the GROW coaching model and addresses questioning skills which are key components of the model.

Workplace Trainer Mentoring Skills at the Workplace $29.00

This session provides an insight into workplace mentoring and helps participants differentiate between coaching and mentoring.

This session also provides a framework for assessing workplace mentoring programs.

Workplace Trainer Engaging learners and organizational leaders $29.00

During this session we will discuss the role communication, reporting and marketing play in the success of on organization’s training programs.

There will also be a focus on how to engage learners inside and outside of the “classroom”.

Workplace Trainer Overview/Review $29.00

This session concludes the Workplace Trainer series.

Facilitators focus on reviewing all the earlier modules and helping participants develop goals and action plans to guide continuous learning. Participants also provide feedback through a “Way forward survey”.

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