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Change Readiness Certificate Program

How will your workplace successfully manage change? LEARN MORE

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Transition to Leadership Certificate Program

Help top employees develop leadership qualities. LEARN MORE

Managing Diverse Work Teams Certificate Program

Leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce. LEARN MORE

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Workplace Education Manitoba is a not for profit training organization that has been delivering Essential Skills training solutions for 25 years.   We are pleased to offer five Certificate Programs targeted to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. 


People with strong Essential Skills are:

More employable.  They find work 29 weeks faster than people with lower level Essential Skills.

•    Wealthier.  They earn more money. About 28 percent of what we earn is directly related to our level of Essential Skills.
•    More productive.  They make fewer mistakes and better decisions.
•    Safer.  They are less likely to injure themselves or others on the job.
•    Fast learners.  They learn technical skills for work, like how to operate equipment, faster.
•    Better at adapting to change.  They apply what they’ve learned in the past to new situations and need less retraining.

Research conducted by the Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) team has identified 5 key training need areas for small and medium-sized business.
These are: Transition to Leadership, Change Readiness, Workplace Training, Managing Diverse Workplaces and HR Toolkit for Small Business. Workplace Education Manitoba specializes in Essential Skills training.

There are 9 Essential Skills which are considered foundational skills that underpin all other skills required for workplace success.”

We will be offering the Transition to Leadership, Managing Diverse Work Teams and Change Readiness Certificate Programs Enrollment is limited. Please see calendar for further details.

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